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A bundle of our 1 ounce Travel Size and 2 Ounce Regular Size Magic Bum Oil. Same great ingredients and care in every bottle. Each comes with the sprayer for easy application to baby's bottom. All natural with no petroleum ingredients.

Important: Unless you know that your baby does not have a lavender sensitivity please order the Lavender-Free version. A small percentage of babies have a reaction to lavender.

Notes: Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature and it is possible for the oil to solidify below 70oF.  Just warm the container with your hands and the oil should melt quickly.  Shake well and continue applying as normal. For those living in cooler climates or for use during the winter months a dispensing cap may be preferable. Add 1 dispensing cap for only $0.50 more.

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Magic Bum Oil Home & Go Bundle

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