Skeeter Salve
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Skeeter Salve is a special version of our Body Magic Skin Soothing Oil. It has all of the goodness of Body Magic with a few extra ingredients to keep those pesky skeeters at bay.  Unlike most other insect repellents, it's all natural and smells good to boot!  Never smell like a chemical plant while camping again. Plus, the soothing oils help tame the itch from the bug bites that you may already have. How many insect repellents do you know of that keep the skeeters away while also treating dry skin?  Just Skeeter Salve! 

Skeeter Salve is a mix of natural oils so it is not intended to be used directly on clothing.  Spray it onto your skin and massage in lightly. Then sit back and watch the mosquitos fly away.  A little bit goes a long way so use it sparingly! 

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Skeeter Salve

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